Monday, September 12, 2011

In the Beginning…


(posted by Jana) Here’s Christine with Dad and Mom, just minutes before getting thrown out on the curb at the MTC. You can see the “Y” mountain just above them. 

Here’s Christine’s letter from week 1.

Well Greetings from the MTC!

Where do I start? Thus far it is great here. I kind of hit a wall with exhaustion and everything yesterday and had a harder day, which is sad since it's Sunday and that should have been my day of rest. I guess I just am too hard on myself sometimes when they call us to repentance on obedience even though I've been strictly obedient to everything thus far. I just don't like the getting called to repentance. Always makes me think of what I should be doing better in my life. But in a meeting yesterday morning our Branch President compared us to Peter when he jumped out of the boat to walk on the water with Christ. He explained we should already be commended for making that big step. So I just need to focus on that and stop being so hard on myself.

The beds here stink! Not literally, but they are definitely not as soft as my big bed at home. I got a top bunk, yay! But now every time I roll over I freak out thinking I'm going to roll off. Almost did one night...Anyway. The food is delicious. Too delicious. I've been overly enjoying all the options and desserts and juices and whatnot. I keep telling myself to reign it in. But then I remember I'm gonna be eating a lot of Ramen the next while so I better just enjoy it while I can.

Alan is just about right with the 14 hours per day thing. We are in the classroom from about 7 am to 930 pm, with some meal breaks in between. If we're not learning, we're studying. I'm pretty much used to the concept from the last couple years of college though. The poor Elders on the other hand are struggling since most of them are fresh out of high school and not used to such long days. They'll adjust though. So far I love the Elders in my District. They are gentlemen and yell "sisters!!!" every time they see us, so we know we are loved! They are hilarious little brother types. One of them was a cheerleader for BSU last year! Woohoo! (Yes, I did say an Elder was the cheerleader) Another one of them has the same fake tooth as me, but on a flapper retainer still. So he won the cool fake tooth contest.

We've been learning like crazy. My first couple lessons were crash-and-burn scenarios, but that's ok. Our next two went a lot better, even though we didn't really teach lessons to our next two investigators, we felt like we helped address their concerns. They've got really good actors playing as investigators that sometimes make you forget that they aren't real. So real, an Elder thought he had committed a real investigator to baptism and was crushed when he found out that it was really just an actor after 2 weeks of lessons...poor kid.

Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. We're only allowed cameras on Sundays and Prep day. And since today is prep day, and it's the beginning of the day, I haven't gotten any yet. But what about Sunday, you say? Weeeelll...I was in meetings and trainings all day beeeecaaaauuuse..... I got called as the Coordinating Sister for my zone! Woot! It's a new thing they are doing, and we are like Sister versions of Zone Leaders. I'm here to make sure all the sisters in the zone are happy, loved, have everything they need, getting along, and so forth. So far I only have myself and 3 sisters I'm over, but I will be getting 3 new sisters on Wednesday. Exciting!!!

Wow, sounds like Rexburg is keeping you busy Mom and Dad. Does that mean you are on the High Council now? I guess you can get lost in the work there like I am here! I'll explain more about my companion in my letter. I'm getting warnings that I only have 4 minutes left and I don't want to lose this email...

Oh and Alan...I gave up the dork dot. Sorry. But I still have it in it's special place ;) Thanks for that laugh when I first got here!

miss you all and love you soooooo much!

hugs and kisses to all, especially the kiddos!

Sister McCracken

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