Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paradise—email from 07-16-12


It is a beautiful day in the FJM!!! Actually, every day is a beautiful day here. People say your mission feels like paradise and I strongly believe that. I love it here!

We have had a busy busy week! We are just sprinting our faces off! And I love it! We are so exhausted all the time. But so much is being achieved! Our biggest miracle is that Clay is getting baptized on Thursday night!!!! :D You have no idea how much joy this brings me. The kids have taken to praying for it lately. We ask them to pray and the first thing they say after "dear Heavenly Father" is "Please bless that dad will get baptized"! WOW!!! The strength of faith of these children is amazing! It just melts my heart to see the blessings that are coming into these three boys lives alone! They have a new dad and they love him! This is what the gospel does. This is the Superbowl in my world! And I am so excited! We have success awaiting us!

We have just had an amazing week finding new people. I can bear a strong testimony of the power of the Spirit to guide a person. We were out tracting last night and the area we were in was pretty dead, so I was ready to head to the car. Then Sister Heckel said she wanted to go the the neighborhood ahead of us, so I agreed (while disheartened haha) and she said we needed to turn down the first street we crossed with. Well, nobody was outside which meant more tracting...yay!...As we walked down the street trying to decide which door to knock a children's bike caught my eye in a driveway and I though "hey, a kid lives there, that will work for a eternal family approach" And as we walked up I could tell it was a single mom and a child because of the way the truck was decorated and there was only one bike. We knocked the door, talked with her, offered a copy of the book of Mormon and that's when she told us she was already a member! She just hasn't gone to church since her teen years. She let us in and I saw the Second Coming painting of Christ on the wall and smiled ("that's mormon artwork!" is what crossed my mind) We talked with her for a while and we prayed with her and for all the struggles she has in life and she's letting us come back thursday! I'm so excited! The Spirt got us on the street through Sister Heckel and it got me to pick the house. I LOVE THE SPIRIT!!!!

All in all, it's been a great week. Transfers are tomorrow, but luckily we are unaffected. Yay us!


love y'all.

Remember...I love change!!!! :D


Sister McCracken

p.s. Wow Dad...it will never cease to amaze me how we have to overkill everything when it comes to waste. Glad it's not in the pond though! Also glad I didn't have to do the work to figure that out this summer. :)DSCN1492

oh and I was not on sand when I took those pictures! So I'm safe! ;)

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