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Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas: email from 12-12-11

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It's that time of year!!! It's the final countdown to Christmas! It's pouring rain today, so that's a little different than what I'm used to for December weather. But we are loving it. 

We have had a fabulous week. It has totally disappeared. It feels like I just got here yesterday, but really I've been here two weeks. Sadly I probably won't be here much longer. We talked to President Barry yesterday and he said our companionship was only ever temporary, so we are probably being split on the 21. And I feel like I'm going to be the one moving...again...So who knows where I'll be for my birthday and Christmas. The mission is keeping me on my toes for sure! 

Speaking of talking to President Barry, that was a huge blessing! He called us Friday and said since he was going to be doing a fireside at 6 Sunday night in our ward he wanted to meet with us at 430 and just give Sister Knickerbocker and I a little extra training. Talk about feeling loved!!! So he came and it was a one-on-two discussion on some amazing things. He said there are 4 major problems people have with Mormons and he wanted us to know them and know how to not personify them as missionaries.

1. We are holier-than-thou with others and very prideful

2. We are the only ones with the truth

3. We are better than them

4. God loves us more

WOW!!! I was so sad when he listed those things. He then went through with scriptures and quotes to disabuse us from any feelings or beliefs that any of those points are true. His argument against God loving us more made me laugh. He said "The Church spends a great deal of it's budget on missionary work, so if you ask me, it might be the other way around." But it's so true!!! Our money, time, and energy, is spent on those who are NOT members of our faith. We need to realize that they are just as important to God and just as loved by Him.

And he had a really good quote from the book "Bonds that Make Us Free". I can't remember it exactly but here's the gist. A friend asked the author if Mormons thought they were better than everyone else. The author responded by saying. "No, there are many people in the world, even you, who are a far deal better than me. But I know with the message we have you could be an even better person than you already are, and without it I'd be a far worse man than I am." That really struck home for me. This message is for the betterment of man. We must see how very important it is for our lives and for the lives of those around us.

Two other fun things that happened this week were, A. We made cookie salvation!!! haha We made a Plan of Salvation lesson out of sugar cookies for a family we are teaching. It was so much fun and the family loved it. I attached pictures. The other wonderful moment was Thursday night at the Relief Society Dinner. We went because we got some less active people to come. It was a fabulous dinner and afterward they were doing a gift exchange. Well, they surprised us by having 3 bags of gifts and a basket of fruits for us. One of the members is an RM and said "Some of us know how hard it is to be away from our families this time of year so we wanted to make it special for you" We each got a blanket and then some other fun things. I love this ward!!!

I attached an audio recording for ya'll! Hope it came through. A lot of this email will be repeated on there, but hey. It's my beautiful voice (hahaha not that beautiful) on there just for you!

love ya'll!!!

Remember,especially at this time of year, people are losing focus on what is truly important. So get out there and BE THE CHANGE!


Sister McCracken

p.s. check out this profile. The video of this guy made my day. Someday that will be me! (Dad will especially love it)

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