Monday, December 26, 2011

I love technology- email from 12-26-11


So here I sit writing my email from an iPad this week....seriously! We had to go to a member's house to write our emails since the library is closed. And darn...they only have one computer so I had to use the iPad since my companion isn't familiar with them. The little joys I get as a missionary are wonderful...haha
I absolutely loved calling home yesterday. Having Skype was just amazing. It made me think back to our calls to Alan on his mission and how expensive they were and how short they were. I love technology. It is definitely a blessing.
Well this week has been quite interesting. Getting transferred the day before your birthday and the week of Christmas is not the most exciting thing. I'll admit I cried a few times. But that's okay. The Lord has sent me to another struggling area, so I know that I've got to learn whatever I didn't get a chance to learn in Gainesville. It's a brand new ward as of a few months ago so they're still trying to get on their feet too and it was whitewashed by sisters two months ago just like I whitewashed Gainesville. So the work is just getting going here. And it is getting going! We are having a baptism with Stacy and Justin is Friday! So please pray for our investigators and that Satan won't get to them this week while they are preparing. He started getting at them at soon as we left Saturday night from their home. So we have a tough week ahead of us fighting for them.
The area is beautiful. We are literally at the coast of Florida. We're going to drive over there today so I can at least say I've seen it even though the mission ends where the sand begins. But hey I can at least see it for now!!!
My birthday celebrations were so much fun. Sister Knickerbocker made sure I had a fun birthday before I left orange park since I wasn't going to know anyone in my new area yet. It was so good! Then i lit my fire hazard of a cake Thursday night with with all 22 candles. I thought I was going to set off the fire alarms. But it didn't so we're okay! Oh and yes I loved the card. I was on the floor laugh and my companion was just staring in confusion because she couldn't see the card and couldn't understand why I found the rapping so hilarious. 
We opened all our presents real quick yesterday morning before church. I love love love all the things everyone sent me. I felt so loved and blessed with everything I got. So thank you to all of you! Even the cards had me really excited! So thank you thank you thank you!!!
That domino tower was amazing!!! It reminds me of my spaghetti noodle bridge days in engineering...glad you got photographic proof!!! And I loved that pic of my poor car covered in snow. It would like warm Florida a lot more I'm sure. :D
Tell Diane that I am praying for her and that she will be in my thoughts today. I love her and admire her strength! Keep me updated please!
Well I'm off to do all my other wonderful preparation day activities. I might get to do my grocery shopping at the commissary. I can't wait!
Love y'all!
Well, new years is coming up and so we are all considering what resolutions we can make and what goals we want to set. I hope you all will consider what you can do the be the change you wish to see in the world! This is the perfect time of year to do it!
Sister McCracken


The first two are Sister Knickerbocker and I enjoying our Chilii's birthday lunch courtesy of Mom and Dad. THANK YOU!!!



The next one is me blowing out the candles on my the church *cough cough*... Brian was wonderful to work with Sister Knickerbocker and surprise me with a birthday cake. He was ashamed it was store bought and he hadn't baked it. I love those people!


Sister Anderson gave me a birthday cupcake and sang to me the morning of transfers. Oh I love her!

DSCN0883 (2)

That is my cake with 22 candles!!! I even lit it. I took video, but I think the video is too big to email... :(



I love my Serenity t-shirt!!! Thank you Alan and family!!!


Photo frame!!! I was so surprised!! It's set up on my desk now and playing pictures all the time. I love it!



The adorable Sister Missionary ornament Austin's parent's sent me. I love it.


And that's me and all of our Christmas morning chaos. I have lots more pitures. So I may have to send this SD card home ahead of schedule so that you all can see more of my Christmas stuff


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