Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! -email from 01-02-12


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I can't believe it's 2012. As I sit here and think back on the past year I realize that it has been one crazy year. A year ago I was looking at another semester of school and starting my career as a physics student. And now I'm sitting here pondering on the wonderful fact that the year 2012 will be completely devoted to missionary work this year. I just can't believe how the Lord can sneakily change our path without us even realizing what he is doing. I am just so grateful that I have the opportunity to devote and entire year. Most sister missionaries get part of one year and part of another. But I will get to focus one full year and when people say "what did you do in 2012?" Well, I was preparing for the second coming! What were you doing? Its so wonderful to know that get to spend the year that so many people are superstitious about the world ending helping people come closer to Christ and prepare themselves for that meeting whenever it does happen.

This last week was amazing! Stacey and Justin were baptized!!! The week was full of Satan fighting and trying to stop it from happening, right up to the moment Stacey went into the font. But you know what they say about those who fight against Zion... So luckily the baptism happened and they have started that new chapter of their life! They will be confirmed in church next Sunday and then Justin is headed off for another deployment next week. I just am so happy that he was home long enough to be taught and get the same answers as Stacey so that they could be baptized together! Now our goal is to get them to the temple one year from now!

The rest of the week was pretty slow. A lot of people were out of town for the holidays. So we weren't able to meet with as many people as we would have liked. But hey, they should all be back this week!
The weather has been weird here. It was hot a couple days and then dropped to the 40s for two day and then suddenly it was in the 70s e third day. The weather is definitely bipolar here. People say this is a normal winter though. It just swings back and forth for a couple months. Overall I like this kind of winter. Except I miss snow!

I finally got to see the ocean!!!! Elder and Sister Barrus our military couple took us on base and I got to see the ships and the water as we were leaving our appointment. And then later in the week we visited a member who has beach front property so we went in the backyard for a moment so I could see the ocean and hear the breakers. I loved every minute of it! I got some pictures I attached.

Oh, one last random fact of the week. For all of you football fans. I met Emmett Smith's high school football coach last night. Yeah. I pretty much squealed like a little girl when he showed me the pictures. He's a member of the ward here in AB. Crazy right?! Just One of the greatest players in the history of the game...and this brother coached him when it was all beginning! His wife was cracking up and called me an "anomaly" because I'm physics studying, football loving, sister missionary. Apparently that isn't the usual? Haha love it!

So attached I have two recordings from last week and some pictures from the baptism. I'm not sure on the quality of the pictures since I am once again on an iPad and didn't have time to preview them. Stinking federal holidays keep closing the library.

It's a new year, and a perfect opportunity to help those around you and be the change!!!

love ya and miss you all usual.


Sister McCracken




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