Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter in Florida- email from 01-23-12

posted for Christine by Jana

Well, it sounds like you are finally getting some snow there. That's
exciting! We are getting a little rain here and there. People are
telling me Florida is in a drought this year. :( But that we are also
having an unusually warm winter. Which I am totally fine with!!! I'm
already turning into a wimp on the really cold days. (Down in the 30s
and 40s) But I'm going to blame it on the fact that I've never
intentionally chosen to go outside in light knee-length skirts and
bare legs in winter before! haha

The first picture is my war-wounds. We went to a less-active member's
home Saturday night for a lesson. He had us set up outside with
tiki-torches. It was really fun because the stars were out and the
smell of citronella made me think of camping. We had a great lesson
and he gave us 5 referrals! WOW! But, there was also a painful
side-effect to our visit...That morning I had ran out of my scentless
lotion so I decided to use some of the yummy smelling stuff I got for
Christmas...well...that was the wrong choice apparently. Throughout
the whole visit I could feel them biting me. I got 13 bites all over
my ankles and legs at that visit... That's my new record! I've gotten
lots of bites so far, but that is my record for one sitting! haha

We also had a small miracle this week. We had a less-active member the
relief society asked us to make some visits to, so one afternoon we
decided we would drop in and see how she was doing. Well, when we
pulled up she was raking leaves. So I jumped out of the car and said
let us help! She thought I was crazy since I was in proselyting
clothes, but I told her no fears! After we had been raking for about
20 minutes her non-member husband came home from work early! WOW! At
first you could tell he was trying to dodge us and went inside. But a
few minutes later he came back out with a plum for each of us! I got
him to stay out that time and talk for a while. We even got to have a
lesson with him in the end! And as we were leaving he said they would
have to have us back for dinner some time. It was amazing! That little
visit was definitely inspired. His heart is definitely being softened.:)

My studies this week have been really great! I started an in depth
study of the Apostasy this morning. Oh my stars! I was really
surprised by that. We had someone asking a lot of questions yesterday
and I felt like I was really bad at answering. So I starting reading
out of M Russell Ballard's book Our Search For Happiness. And wow! He
totally reminds me of Mr Haroldsen's history class! He gives an
amazing historical account of the Great Apostasy and explains it from
a historical standpoint. I started having flashbacks to World History
in high school as I read it. I wish I had my notes with me! That's
what I get for brain-dumping most of what I learned in high school...

So for my pictures...
The first is my war wounds on one of my legs. I woke up last night and
realized I was scratching them like mad...Good thing I have itch

And the next ones prove I wasn't a boy scout. We went to knock a
neighborhood and it was misty when I got out of the car, but I wasn't
too worried. Well, of course when we got farthest from the car was
when the downpour started, and I had left my umbrella behind. So I was
a drowned rat by the time I got back to the car. It was pretty



So, something I've learned this week is that as we can Be The Change
we can change stigmas people may have. When people have incorrect
ideas about others, whether they be missionaries, old white men, young
teens, mormons, the working class, the unemployed; we can help them
see what that truly means to be one of those people when we be

Sister McCracken

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