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I love this place! email from 01-16-12

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Wooh!!! Another federal holiday and no public library! So I'm once again doing it from the iPad. Yay me!
It has been a fabulous week. We had zone conference which meant that the three JAX zones came together and we got trained by President and Sister Barry and the Assistants. It was amazing! I have pages and pages of notes from the day. Sadly it's only a once a quarter thing...I would love to have that training once a month! I learned so much! And we are having a Book of Mormon challenge as well! W will be reading it by June as well! But focusing the reading and the studying on thes doctrine of Christ and the Atonement. So I'm really excited! I'm only a few chapters in and already loving it! So we'll be reading together!


Last Monday we went and found a souvenir shop. Oh my, I had way too much fun in that shop! We found some of the weirdest things there. We're thinking of taking the senior missionaries with us soon so that they can have some fun too.

Haha I have Somme crazy pictures. Hopefully they come through! If anyone wants their own gator head to sit on the shelf...I can get you about weird...we also found a frozen yogurt bar like kiwi loco in IF. That made my day! It was definitely a good preparation day last week. We're thinking about going back to that part of town again today. We'll see.


So funny thing happened last week. We went to see a member that hasn't been to church in a while and see what's been stopping him. We were having a great visit and we could tell he had a pretty strong testimony. So my companion asked "why are you LDS?" and he fired back immediately "Because God is LDS! Just read the scriptures!" Oh my stars...I about fell out of my chair laughing. He did the teaching for us. It turns out he got a job that makes him work Sundays. So he still has a good testimony of the gospel. He just has some interference right now. That comment made my day though.

Most of the pictures are self explanatory but the one of the road and palm trees is where Atlantic Boulevard ends and the ocean begins!!! I love it! We walked to the end of the pavement, soaked it up, and then went to the souvenir shop. :)


There's Sister Mathis and I! 


The sign cracked me up...Is it just me or are they making fun of the "keep calm and carry on" mania?


And that is a nasty gator foot back scratcher...ewww...


The bag at the end is my new love and joy!!! Last night we went to a member's home to and I fell in love!!! She has everything antique and old school you can think of. Really, their house is indescribable. After the lesson and as we were leaving she ran up to me with the bag and said "something told me to give this to you. you made me feel really good tonight." I just about cried. She made the bag herself. And it's beautiful! :D I love her!


So yeah, hopefully all the attachments fit! I kinda overloaded ya, sorry!

By now you should expect what I'm about to tell you...Be the change!!! St Francis of Assisi said (roughly) "In all things preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words." (thanks Jana for the quote) So BE the change you want to see in people instead of forcing them.



Sister McCracken

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