Monday, January 9, 2012

Bipolar Florida

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So Florida has been a rollercoaster of weather. Early in the week I had a wool coat (which I inherited from a previous missionary) and thick tights on and I still thought I might freeze to death. It was in the 30s in the evenings. Which is just a little too chilly when you're out walking around...But today it's back up in the 70s and I'm in my short sleeves and no tights once again. I love  it :)

Stacey and Justin were confirmed yesterday!!!! SO WONDERFUL!!!! They got amazing blessings with their confirmations as well. I can tell they are going to have amazing lives and do a lot in the church. And I may be on cloud nine a little about the fact that I officially have my first two converts. I'm finally fulfilling what I was told in my patriarchal blessing! And that feels so good!

The rest of the week was still pretty slow in the work. We spent a lot of the week trying to hunt down former investigators. A lot of them have moved. And some of them are definitely still not interested. But that's ok. We met one family while we were doing all that who I really related to. We walked into the apartment and there was an IV pole with a feeding bag and pump...I immediately asked "Is your baby on  a g-tube?" She stared at me with a look of how did you know that and said "Yes." I explained that I have a little bit of personal experience with that and was able to win their hearts a little and make that connection. The Lord truly sends you to places for specific people. And I saw that fulfilled in that family. Even if they don't pursue investigating (which it looks like they won't) I was able to reach out and show Christ's love and understanding for the difficulties they are dealing with right now. So truly, our purpose as missionaries was still achieved. I'm learning that it's not as much about the baptisms as it is about giving people that invitation to Christ and letting them choose.

We were also able to have dinner with the Bishop's family last night. That was really fun. After dinner we taught them the third lesson, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The children could answer all of the questions and did wonderfully. I love meeting with families that have children raised in the Church. They know so much and they have such firm faith in who they are and their purpose. It just makes me so happy to see that. Their oldest son kept blowing me away with his answers. That's when the Bishop's wife finally told us "His New Years resolution is increased spiritual clarity." And she was serious. And he's 12. I think this boy is a future general authority. I was so impressed with him! Their family is just all around amazing though. He's the bishop and a Navy Chaplain. Talk about keeping busy.

We did a lot of service during the week. Helping people move and cleaning for people seemed to be the order of the week. But it was good. It was nice to add the variety of some hard labor to the week. I'm hoping we can keep the pace and keep doing things like that throughout the coming weeks. It's a great way to win people's hearts. So I'm all for it.

Sorry I don't have any pictures for you this week. I kept forgetting to take my camera out with me, so I didn't get too much from this week.

Well, I love you all and hope that you're enjoying the beginning for your New Year. From everyone's letters it looks like it is going to be an exciting year! I can't wait to see what the year holds for all of us.
Good luck finishing the move Tory and Buh. Hopefully you aren't pulling your hair out at the end of this week. But hey, we're both living in beach towns now! YAY US! :D
Mine's still warmer though... ;)

Remember, we've got to be the change.
Sister McCracken

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