Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I love my mission!–email from 08-06-12



What a week! It has been a fun-filled week! Lots has happened!

Monday was the best though! Elder and Sister Draper took us to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens!!!! It was so much fun! It was a little rainy so not many people were there and some of the animals were hiding, but not too bad. We got to see so many beautiful animals! And we only got halfway through it after 2 hours! We are going to go back again soon. I'm going to attach and send a bunch of pictures from that fun day!







As the week went on it was pretty uneventful from there other than the usual missionary stuff. Until Friday night! We have a record of people that missionaries have talked to that have said they are open to learning more. Well we went to one of those people Friday night. And I about passed out as we walked up the driveway and I saw in garage a giant plaque that insinuated that she is a Blue Angel. We knocked and she opened up and after talking for a few minutes I finally asked her. And yes! She never piloted herself, but she was part of the support crew that flew in Fat Albert! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! She is so amazing! I about passed out. She also showed us her office full of pictures and awards with her and the pilots and such. I couldn't believe! I love the people we get to meet as missionaries! :D

Then Sister Heckel got really sick and we spent Saturday evening and all day Sunday at home while she tried to sleep away/fight the flu. The poor thing was not doing well at all. So I got to do a lot of reading and studying that was very helpful! The only problem was that by the end of Sunday my mind was tired but my body wasn't because I had sat in one spot all day. I did not sleep well at all because of it! Being a missionary has trained me to pushing my body to the point of exhaustion every day. And I didn't get that yesterday! But luckily she is back and healthy today and we can go wear ourselves out for real.

Remember, we all like it when our towels, our sheets, and our clothes are changed...so why not ourselves?!?!

love y'all!

Sister McCracken

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