Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh what a week. . .–email from 07-30-12

Oh what a week.

It started out with a sinus infection that has lasted since the middle of March getting the best of me and taking me out. I ended up sleeping most of the day Tuesday because I just couldn't fight to stay awake anymore. As much as I tried I failed. So I gave in and slept.

But that was a good thing because Wednesday we had a meeting with all of the missionaries that live in and around Jacksonville! Yay for Zone Conferences. President Barry taught us a lot! Just being around him is amazing. We rode with Elder and Sister Draper along with the Jax Beach ward Elders. I brought a cd Sister Surtees had sent me that has an acapella version of the eensy weensy spider. It's a hilarious version and Elder Wilcox did and interpretive dance in the back seat along with it. Oh how I love Elders. They know how to have fun.

Then we had a trade off and I got to work with Sister Knickerbocker again. It was crazy! We haven't been companions for 7 months and we had a lot of fun together. She and I just really enjoyed working together and seeing the changes in each other. I love her!

We spent Saturday mostly walking around door to door with not much success. Guess what, when it's really hot and humid and a Saturday, people in Florida go to the beach! Guess where missionaries aren't allowed?! The beach! So we didn't get as much done as we had hoped that day. Oh Florida. I love it though! We got to meet a really funny Scottish lady who is really good at hiding her accent. I was picking up traces of it and she admitted she was Scottish and hid her accent in public, and at that point just let free and let it come through. Oh how I love that accent! Her name was even Adele. I asked her what it was with UK women and that name and she just laughed. It was a good old time!

I can't believe people are mad at Chik-fil-A! That's a staple here! I read that part of Dad's email out loud to Sister Heckel and the guy at the computer next to us said "Yeah, are you coming Wednesday?!" And I having no idea what he was talking about said "In support or boycott of the place?" He said "In support!!! There are people that have never eaten there that plan to be there this Wednesday to support the chain." So the people that are mad aren't succeeding well. But that's what you get. People here are always thrown off that Chik-fil-A's are closed on Sunday, we just giggle and say yeah, well that's what you get when a Mormon owns the company...

Anyway, hope you had a great week too.

At zone conference one of the Elders said "How can we expect people to make all these changes in their lives if we aren't willing to make some too?" I just giggled to myself and thought..." the change!!!"


Sister McCracken

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