Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Blustery Week- email from 03-25-13

Florida welcomed spring in with a temperature drop and a whole lot of rain!!! Sister Neibaur and I were so cold on Friday we decided to get hot chocolate at the gas station on our way home. We then checked the car thermometer to see what temperature it really was outside... 63 degrees... Yup, I am officially a Floridian wuss. haha But that's okay. I'll eventually readjust to the west once I'm back...I hope.

I keep hoping all the rain we get will kill the allergens a little bit. But no such luck. So now I just have permanent puffy eyes and a stuffy nose. Even when I am taking allergy medicine. Who knew that Florida would have so much pollen?! It's like it's green year round or something...

The week just kind of disappeared out from under me. I'm trying to remember the highlights for y'all but I'm struggling. Here's a funny highlight though. Saturday was our district blitz. It's where all the missionaries in the district go to one companionships area and work in their area for a couple hours to help them out. We have been going to the names of all the people on the records that they don't know anything about to figure out if they even still live there. Well, it was pouring down rain on Saturday. I finally understand the phrase "sheets of rain" because it looks like it literally has these sheets that fall instead of drops. It was so crazy! We did it without umbrellas even! We were weirding people out! When we got back to our area we decided we needed to do a bunch of walking and we would need our umbrellas for that. So we were walking around one apartment complex knocking and a van pulls up and says "sisters where are you going?!" I figured he was a member of the church since he called us sisters so I said "to find people to teach of course!" He then told us he was in the bishopric but we had somehow not met...oops...embarrassing! He then said, well I'll let you get back to finding then! I wanted to say! "how about offering to help us out or something?! But hey, he probably had places to be. It just made me laugh. No one could believe we were out and working in the downpour. But I say, hey what's a little rain gonna hurt? especially when it's warm out! haha 

anyway! gotta go! 

change change change! Do it!

love y'all,

Sister McCracken

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