Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I’m coming home early!!!!!. . . AGAIN! email from 04-01-13

April Fools!!!! I'm not goin' nowhere! I'll ask for an extension if they'll give one. 

It has been a crazy week in the weather portion of our lives. It started out freezing cold and ended with me taking a nap on the couch on the patio during lunch yesterday. It's supposed to stay warm for a bit. I sure hope so. All the up and down with the temperatures got us both sick this week. Luckily I was healthy while she was sick and vice versa so we could take care of each other. 

We had a great Easter week. It was super busy traffic yesterday morning with everyone headed to their churches. It made me giggle. They do have a tradition that I kind of admire though. Starting the first of March all the crosses outside their churches have this big purple scarf thing tied and hanging from the cross. And then on the Friday before Easter it is changed to black to remind us He was in the tomb, and then on Sunday they were all changed to white. To remind us He is risen. It was a nice reminder for me throughout the month and especially the weekend as we drove around town and would see the crosses in front of their churches with those scarf things. I definitely can appreciate that tradition of the South. 

It was a great week regardless of our sicknesses. We still managed to somehow get a lot done. That made me the happiest. We are just happy for the weather to be warmer again so we can get out and walk around and talk to people. And there are actually people to talk to outside now too. Floridians are wussy when it comes to the cold and hide out inside when it gets to chilly for them. Which is anything below 65 degrees...but I can't blame them...because it is pretty cold... haha I know I got no sympathy for that comment.

Anyway, got to get going and buy some delicious groceries! 

Something I have been learning this week that sometimes Being the Change is merely being happy with what you have and not desiring for circumstances to change. It's all a change of mind. 

love y'all,

Sister McCracken

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