Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So close to my first black eye—email from 06-03-2013

Dear Familia,


Well, last week was a fun adventure. St Augustine wasn't nearly as historic as we had expected. So we ended up just trying some food at the eateries and then went to Jacksonville to shop. :)

DSCN0255(Me eating key lime pie dipped in white chocolate on a stick. it's a southern thing.)

This week has been a great one. We have had a lot of turn arounds with things and I just feel like things are about to get really good here. We have found our very first person to teach finally so that was a huge milestone. She is a real sweet woman and I am excited to help her come closer to Christ.

I think the biggest excitement though was yesterday morning. It was during personal studies and I decided I needed a drink so I was standing in the doorway of our study room and realized I didn't need the Ensign Magazine I was holding. So I squatted to put it down and keep it on the page I wanted. I then started to stand up, turn, and walk all at once and was brought to an immediate halt when I felt and heard a crushing of my nose. I was on the floor, holding my faces and tears streaming immediately. I have never had tears just come on there own because of an instant of pain but it happened this time!!! I sat there holding my face trying to decide if my nose was broken. I wasn't bleeding, it wasn't swelling really fast, and it felt straight. I finally got up the courage to check in a mirror and Hallelujah! My nose didn't look broken, it just felt like had been hit with a bat. So I ended up calling Sister Barry just in case and turns out all is ok. Everyone expects me to get a gnarly black eye, but nothing has happened so far, so I don't expect it. I just have a really nice scrape across my nose and a lot of pain. yay for ibuprofen. :)

DSCN0282 (1)

Oh, and tell Karen and Pamela I am so excited! There is a girl that just got her mission call Saturday and is hoping to go through the temple that same day. So I definitely will have the Temple on my mind that day.

And to Mom and Dad, have fun in Kansas, and please don't go to Oz. I would prefer to have parents to come home to in July. :)

Oh and Dad, it's more rural than you think. We spend half of our time on dirt roads searching for peoples houses. :)

well, change comes in a lot of different packages, but as long as we have our eye on improvement, change is happening.

love y'all!

Sister McCracken


(me and Sister Barry)

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