Thursday, May 30, 2013

It’s a sunny day! email from 05-27-13


Well, sorry this is going to be brief. We are going to Saint Augustine with a member today. It's just outside of Jacksonville. Yes, I lived in Jax for over a year, and moved to Georgia and NOW I am going to see this place. Haha

We had our baptism yesterday! The two girls got baptized without a hitch! The family asked me to speak at the baptism, so that was a fun privilege. It made me laugh though, because in the last week I have: talked in sacrament, taught young women's, talked at zone conference, and talked at a baptism. I should start charging people. No, just kidding, because then I would probably get crappy at what I do. So I'll stick with the charge of free. 

Well, I am off to play! I love you! 


Love y'all! 

Sister McCracken

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