Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I often go walking. . . email from 05-13-13

on country roads!!! Trick's on you to all those people who thought I would say "meadows of clover". Who does that anyway??? The primary kids sang that yesterday and I thought, do you even know what those are? Because I think your tune would go a little different if you did. :)

Well Happy Mother's Day to everyone I didn't get to say it to yesterday. I hope your day was filled with love! We got to teach Relief Society yesterday and show those sisters oodles of love. It was super fun. 


Last Monday we went to the Okefenokee Swamp Park as I told y'all. And boy was it fun! It's just a giant swamp area and in the middle they have a little gift shop and sign in area that you can then go through to ride a little train around the swamp, or a boat, and go to a little nature presentation on the wildlife here. It was oober fun. All the animals are free and wild just like Yellowstone. So anytime you are near water, which is the whole time, you have to watch to make sure a gator isn't too close! That had me on my toes and nervous part of the time. 



We are getting lost a lot. So that is fun. But hey, you can't find yourself until you're lost right?!

Oh, funny missionary antics. So we share a ward with Elders and one of them is English (as in from Britain). The other night a family had us over and we had grilled pork chops. Halfway through dinner he pipes up "This is delicious steak!" We all busted up laughing and said "That's pork!" And he said "Oh I haven't had either before!" Do they not eat meat over in the good ol' mother country? I guess not. This family is just great though and loves us missionaries. So luckily they are brave enough to let all four of us come teach sometimes. It's been a fun dynamic doing it that way. 

I hope you enjoy all the pics from the Okefenokee adventure!!!


So this week I had a big eye opener in regards to being the change. I thought I had really cured my perfectionism and was doing much better. But after a conversation with the mission president's wife, she said I should look over the perfectionism documents again. And I didn't. And I was amazed to see how bad I was. I realized that I had gotten really complacent on controlling my perfectionism and it had crept back in until it was in full swing again. So my thoughts to you today are this, never stop working on things that you've already changed, because if you aren't careful, they come right back.


love y'all,

Sister McCracken

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