Wednesday, May 8, 2013

in the country again—email from 05-06-13

I think the Lord knew I would need a transition back to country life after serving 14 months in Jacksonville (the largest city in the country). So here I am in Waycross, Georgia. And I actually live in a small town 10 miles out of Waycross. Does that sound familiar or what?! The only difference is the 25 minute drive to the church. 


My gps has saved our bacon out here. How I love modern technology. We were given a partial address and told "off you go!" And I thanked Heavenly Father for the man who invented the gps. And an elder found a smooth trick last transfer that downloads the ward roster onto your gps, so I now have the entire roster at my fingertips and "know" where everyone lives. The only problem is Georgia is not laid out quite how the gps thinks, so it usually just gets us close and we have to hunt from there. Luckily I have 15 months of experience hunting down houses and addresses. Missionaries would make great Private Investigator's. DSCN0086

The ward here just got a new Bishop on Sunday so we arrived in the midst of a big change here, but what better timing right?? The people here are so wonderful and have such thick southern accents I feel just as happy as a clam. I am just so happy I got to come to the true South even if it is just for a short bit of my mission. The people really are sweet and want to do just everything for you. 



And for Mom and Dad, our neighbor that we share the duplex with has two vehicles that will bring you comfort...One is a state trooper car and the other is a Sherriff's K9 unit SUV. So yes, I am well protected. :) DSCN0081


Well, time to go play. We are off to the Okefenokee Swamp today. Look it up. :) 

well, all i have to say about being the change is that it is exhausting, but worthwhile, so keep pushin'  y'all!

love y'all!

Sister McCracken

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