Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Got Mud?—email from 07-01-13

It has been a muddy and fun week! It has been raining here far far far more then normal this year. It has rained almost every day for the past few weeks. And the area was in a drought until this year. Because of that, the land soaked it up for the first bit, but then had nothing to do with it after that. So many a yard has deep standing water now. And that just can't do! Luckily one of the members we know is friends with a lot of older people that can't deflood themselves. So we got hired as the yard brigade for the week. It was so much fun! Check out the many pictures I've been tagged in on Facebook this last week and you'll see the mucky fun we had. One of the yards had a sidewalk in the middle that was stopping us from being able to drain the middle of the yard. But they said it used to have a little culvert under it that water drained through. So I reached down into the dark foreboding water to find that culvert. I found what felt like was possibly it and started to dig it out, and dig, and dig, and dig, I finally ended up on my stomach with my arm in all the way up to my shoulder digging mud out of this culvert. And then had to go to the other side of the culvert and repeat. And no luck! It still wasn't open. So after many different tricks we got water flowing through and all was well. But here is where the story goes sour...I learned a hard lesson. Mosquitoes here are the size of small birds. The bite even through your clothes, and especially through sweat pants...and when you are laying on your stomach there is some juicy flesh available...Yes...I got a mosquito bite...on my bum...ahahahaha boy has that been fun! Mosquitoes here are mean!!! But I earned major points with the men-folk with how dirty and into the work I got. I proved that us women folk really can work.

Saturday we went on a blitz of the 2nd ward and were visiting less-active members and inviting them to church. We each got split off with a member and started our search for these people. I thought I may die because of my partner's crazy driving. But to my surprise, I survived. We had a somewhat amusing experience at one home though. He was up on the roof working when we pulled up, so we just yelled up from the yard. After about 5 minutes of conversation he asked where I was from because I didn't sound like a Yankee. Much to his surprise I responded Idaho. Apparently when I get around all southern speakers I get sucked into their way of talkin. oh no!!! But luckily when I get around you yank's I can here myself speaking normally.

Tonight we are teaching at the Ward FHE. I am really excited. They gather on the first Monday of every month and have an FHE as a ward to give an example of what to do the rest of the month. It's a big pot luck dinner at a member's house and just a fun time. We are teaching on how to be a Mormon online and share your testimony through social media without ramming it down our friend's throats. I am really excited to teach it.

Yesterday we taught the combined lesson for the Young Men and Young Women on missionary work and the priesthood. It was a combined effort of Elders and Sisters so that they could get all the perspectives. Sister Divis and Elder Behymer shared why they chose to serve missions, Elder Burgan shared how his perspective of what missionary work was changed from before to now (being out 9 weeks), And I shared how my mission has changed me/what I've learned since I'm at the end. Then we opened up to questions and answers on anything they wanted. The questions were hilarious. The one that kept coming up was but what about missing out on these books, movies, friends, college, etc. Finally after that spinning around a bunch and them not taking our answers I responded with "Yeah, we miss out. My boyfriend got married while I was on my mission." All their jaws dropped, I smiled and said "yeah, life goes on." It gave us a whole new level of street cred with the youth. It was worth it.

Better get going! We have a fun shopping day ahead. I need new tennies for the family fun run. Mine were soaked in mud water for a week and aren't quite the same anymore.

I'm in the last weeks and changes that need to be made are still slapping me in the face, so my advice to you is that it's never to late to start. Just start!

love y'all,

Sister McCracken

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