Monday, July 15, 2013

Murphy’s Law—email from 07-15-13

definition: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 

Today being my last regular P-day we planned to get everything done quick in the morning and then go to a park/playground with the elders and play sports outside and stuff. So what happens? Event 1: Lightning storm in Blackshear so the librarians boot us off the computers 2. Rainstorm in Waycross so going to the park is no longer an option. I almost started crying at one point because every plan we've set today keeps going wrong. ugh... 

But anyway! We had a great week! We found 2 new investigators! Yay! One of them is another unbaptized child!!! The family has been reactivated for a while and the Bishop talked to them and said that they need to get their 9 year old baptized. So they had us over and we have started teaching him. Who knew that I would spend my entire mission teaching children. Perhaps this is a sign? Maybe I'll get to be in Primary for the rest of forever?

Sister Divis was called as a trainer so we get to go to Jacksonville this week for her to get training for that. I am excited to see good ol' JAX and have some fun down there. And by fun I mean sit in a church and listen to trainings and then drive home. Yippee!!! haha

And yea, that's it! that's the week!

I've been forced to embrace the coming changes for me and it's not fun when every day someone is asking if I am excited to go home. Not especially. But I am sure excited to see you people!!! I think I am just getting to practice my preaching of change every day of my mission. But I love it. 

love y'all,

Sister McCracken

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