Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny Days: email from 10-24-11

posted for Christine by Jana

Dear Devoted Fans,

Another week has already passed. The days are long, but the weeks are short. The work is rolling forward and we are making progress inch by inch. We got a referral from ward members last week and will meet with them and their friends tonight. All I have to say is I believe in members sharing what they believe! We have gotten zero investigators from knocking doors. Most people don't even open their doors. But people will talk to us if their friends sent us or they meet us at their friend's house. So now we're just working like crazy with the ward to get them to share their friends with us. So I beg you, if a missionary ever asks if you have someone you can share the gospel with, PLEASE GIVE A NAME! I feel so humbled and so regretful about the way I treated missionary work before I came out. I treated it as the missionary's job, well now I'm the missionary and I see that I can't get anywhere without my members. So please support them. Oh...and feed them...dinners are always nice. :D

It sounds like you have had quite the weekend playing. I'm jealous. I keep waiting for my "Saturday" morning when I'll get to sleep in even 30 minutes...and I then I realize oh yeah, that "Saturday" is 17 months away. Oh how I miss vacation days now. Why did I always waste them by getting up early and going to the gym?! I hope the weather was nice enough for at least one stroll on the beach with the kiddos. I bet they loved it. And I'm glad to hear that Ryker still wants to come on my mission. I would love to have him as a companion. I'm sure he could do a lot better door approaches than me. Speaking of door approaches...Last week we were knocking a neighborhood and I noticed what I thought was a girl placing one of those home security systems signs in a yard. On the next street over I saw another guy dressed like her carrying a sign as well...DOH! We were knocking the same neighborhood that 5 security system people were rushing/knocking...Needless to say we got in our car and moved to a new neighborhood. Even though my "security system" is better I didn't want to make a neighborhood hate us by being the second group to knock that night. Oh the comical side of knocking doors...

So anyway, thank you for the box and the clothes! I love it all and wore the skirt and blazer yesterday for stake conference. Everyone told us we are cute sister missionaries. So thank you! Stake Conference was amazing. The focus was all about the temple. Woot! Loved every minute of that.

I'd like to share one thing since I've heard rumors and bits and pieces about the cult accusations against our Church. President Barry (Mission Pres) spoke at the Saturday night session of conference. His main points that I took notes on are that we need to defend the Savior Jesus Christ. We are long past the days of defending Joseph Smith and what he did. We need to defend that we are Christian and not only that, but that we believe in the divinity of Christ. He was not just merely a good moral teacher. He lives, and is our Savior and Redeemer and that is what we need for people to know about us and what we believe.

Ok, so I went a little preachy with y'all like I swore I'd never do. Oops. Don't drift off now! This is still a fun letter! We got to do service Friday by cleaning up a members yard. She was brave enough to give me giant pruning shears and set me loose on the hedges. It made me miss the days of chainsaws and Grandpa's hedge...And made me wish I'd paid more attention...But I succeeded in taming the beasts! Who knew I had pruning skills? I'm surprising even myself sometimes. They all were laughing at me though because I was having so much fun with it and enjoying it so much. Oh well! It was my first hard labor in two months and I was stoked!

I miss you all as usual. You really are the best!


Sister McCracken the change!

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