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Happy Halloween! email from 10-31-11


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Hello lovelies! It's been a fast week here for me. As I was walking into the library I was trying to even remember the high points to tell you all about. So forgive me if I forget any of the major excitement.

We are finally getting some progress made on finding people to teach. We've got a few people who are willing to meet with us, now we just need to catch them at home! People here are ridiculously busy. Many say "I'm here doing nothing all day" But then we never seem to be able to catch them at home. But hopefully things will slowly begin to work out in that realm. We have real hope for a few people we've met with.

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. All our appointments were no shows on us...doh. But our back-up plans worked splendidly. My favorite back-up plan was a dinner party a member was hosting with a whole group of nonmembers yesterday. She had made tons of soups and everyone brought their own bowl. The big soup of the day though what pumpkin curry soup. Oh my it was delicious!!! I've never had pumpkin soup before. And then one of the friends had pumpkin pie mousse she had made that was topped with candied ginger. I felt so fancy! You must understand there are two things that missionaries can get excited over, teaching people and food. So I get really excited over food. hehe The friends were all awesome too. They're all here in an acupuncture school together and from everywhere, one lady is from Romania. So we had some cool conversations and I got to tell them about missions and how they work and everything.

Then last evening the Elders in our district had two people getting baptized. So we went to the baptism. That was my first time at a baptism for someone not brought up in the Church. It was amazing! They are two really cool people and it was just a touching experience. It got my fire going to help someone to that point myself.

Saturday the ward held their trunk-or-treat. The Self family was determined to have Sister Patterson and I dressed up somehow because coming in just missionary clothes was not enough. They finally decided to dress us as Mormon Pioneers. Kaitlin (the 19 y/o) went on Trek and had some pioneer dresses. So we graciously took them thinking there was no way we'd actually be dressing up. Friday morning Sister Patterson and I had a meeting with President Barry. So at the end we asked very nicely if we could please dress as Nauvoo Missionaries for the party. He laughed and said of course. So we went as pioneers! Some people were pretty thrown off. It was a fun conversation starter for sure.

Speaking of the meeting with President Barry. That was an adventure all of its own. We were told a month ago there was a meeting for all the new missionaries being trained on Friday the 28th at 10 am. So we went to the church we were told it was at and there was no one there. So we called the President Barry to ask where we were supposed to be. He was told a different church. And then he tells us it's just the two of us and him and Sister Barry meeting. Eek! So they came and met us where we were. So we got a two hour one-on-one training/discussion with the mission president. It was awesome. It was nice to get some time to get to know him a little better too. Since we're so far west we don't see them much.

I hope all the kiddos have adorable costumes planned! I can't wait to see pictures of everyone. I'm disappointed I don't get to go all out with my pirate costume again. haha Today I get to dress as a Mormon missionary! (again!) We're planning to make halloween cookies and then trick-or-treat the older couples and widows in the ward with cookies this evening. I'm pretty excited!

Here's explanations of the pictures attached:

I think the first one is obvious. Aren't we cute little Mormon Pioneers? I felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder a little though...

The next is myself and Sister Self. She dressed as Marge Simpson. I was thoroughly impressed with her. All homemade! She even painted herself yellow for the occasion!

This is how serious people take trunk-or-treats here. Apparently last year the whole back half of the car was a shark. These are the Nuesca's. They are a lovely couple! They are both returned missionaries. And she is from Idaho Falls! (She is Lindsay Johnson and graduated 98 at IF. Do you know her Jana?) We practice teach them and also we are teaching one of their friends for reals. They always brighten our days.

love y'all! the change!

Sister McCracken




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