Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Presidents Day- email from 2-20-12

posted for Christine by Jana

BRRRR!!!! It was in the 80s yesterday and windy like you wouldn't believe. But now today it's below 50 and I'm freezing! Florida is turning me into a sissy.

This week was another light speed week. We spent two days in Savannah again and then another Sister Leader came to our area to trade off with me and see how I was doing. So Sister Surtees and I are really only companions about 50% of the time. It's weird.

We have had so many miracles this week though. Even though we were out of our area a lot of this week we found a lot of new people to teach and still were able to work with our usual people. We had a super miracle yesterday. This woman came to church yesterday that I didn't recognize, so Sister Surtees went and introduced herself as the new sister (it's our trick just in case I have met the person before and don't remember :D ) And it turns out this woman has been inactive for the last 10 years and decided yesterday morning that she was going to try it again. After church both the Bishop and the Relief Society president talked to us and told us to go visit her as soon as possible. The problem was that our entire day was scheduled out with appointments. But quickly every one of them called and cancelled. So now our evening was completely open. We decided to go see this sister. It turns out her husband isn't a member and they are both going through a lot of hard times. We visited for a while and talked it was amazing. The Spirit was so strong. We set up a return appointment for tonight. And as we were leaving she said she had been hoping we'd come over after church. It's amazing how Heavenly Father works. He is very open and says maybe this is the peace he is looking for. When we left Sister Surtees and I talked about how we both felt we already knew them and that was the most comfortable lesson we had ever had. I know that Heavenly Father planned all of us meeting specifically when He did for a purpose. I'm so excited to see them again tonight.

We've got two more exchanges this week. One of them will be other Sisters coming to us and the other will be us going just a little west in the stake to the other sisters in our zone. That one is going to be a little more exciting. The sister I'm going to be with is from South America and still struggling with her English. I'm going to have to remember to not talk fast and not use too many of my nerdy vocab words.

Sorry I'm remiss on voice recordings this week. The federal holiday threw me off a little. And then this morning we got a surprise visit from some people from Sister Surtees home ward that took us to breakfast. So I'm all sorts of jumbled up today.

But I have some funny pictures for you. Friday I was cooking lunch and Sister Surtees was making phone calls. At one point I turned around and looked at our patio door and see a squirrel spread eagle on our door!!! I'm staring in shock.


Sister Surtees was on the couch and saw my face, so she turned around to see what it was...And screamed like a little girl and ran back into the bedroom...while she was still on the phone. It was hilarious!!! Well we left and came back a few hours later and he was still there.


But when we got home that night he was gone. So that was a little disappointing. I named him Fred though for whenever he comes back.

So I'm loving hearing the stories of how y'all are making changes and trying to BE THE CHANGE!!! Keep it up! Let's keep this movement going!

all my love from Florida,
Sister McCracken

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