Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunshine and Sparkles- email from 02-06-12

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No, I don't know what that subject means either. My creativity is starting to wane...shoooot....

Well, transfers went well! It was my first official transfer meeting since I came into the mission. And I loved it! One of the Elders going home was my zone leader in my first area. He was a tough cookie that I almost thought felt no emotions sometimes. But then he cried and cried at transfer. And I saw how much his mission really had touched him. At the beginning of every day and every meeting we recite a few things. Our Vision is "I am a diligent, obedient, worthy, powerful and holy disciple of Jesus Christ, now and forever." When this Elder bore his testimony he said "I finally understand for the first time what it means to be a disciple forever." That really touched me. This work never ends for us. In a little over a year when I come home I will be a returned missionary, but I won't be a retired missionary. What a thought.

My new companion is Sister Surtees! (See pictures below) and I love her!!! Ever since I got to the mission I have prayed that I would get to work with her. And I got that answer this transfer! (Look I rhymed!) So, I feel very blessed. She is a powerhouse missionary that is a spiritual kick in the face when she starts teaching/bearing testimony. I have so much to learn and so little time!

This week has been a slower week as far as teaching goes. Agency has been our bane this week. We had lots of scheduled lessons and appointments, but because of lots of different crazy circumstances most of them fell through. BUUUUT we found so many new people! And so many of them have so much potential! I have realized in this work that sometimes one aspect of the work has to fall apart a little so you take time to reallly focus on another. And our new focus was finding new people to teach! And I think we have been really seeing some good come from that.


I found a place that had sushi a couple weeks ago!!! Mmmm....sushi straight out of the ocean!


Sister Surtees and I. We went to Whataburger (it's a southern thing) to celebrate our companionship! Mmmm delicious!


And some random pirate stuff I found at a souvenir shop. The pirate theme is big here...I wonder why...Is it possibly having the ocean nearby?!


So as I reflect on my week and how things have changed a lot. I've seen that sometimes you have to let things fall apart a little and take a new path...And be the change that is needed.

I love y'all!!!!


Sister McCracken

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