Monday, February 13, 2012

The Saints Went Up to Georgia- email from 02-13-12

posted for Christine by Jana wit is back! So as an explanation of my subject line. Sister
Surtees and I went on an exchange with the sisters in the Savannah,
Georgia area on Friday and Saturday. Sister Surtees is a Sister
Leader. So she has certain sisters that are under her stewardship and
that she goes and works with and trains them in areas they feel they
are lacking in. And I get to tag along and be the other missionary's
companion for those twenty four hours. So after we finally got back
Saturday night I was sitting there thinking and I asked Sister Surtees
"Isn't the name of that one song called The Devil Went Down to
Georgia?" She smiled, said "Yes. The SAINTS went UP to Georgia!!!!"
haha. For the first time in my life I went UP to Georgia. That's a
weird thought! It was great working up there and I got to teach so
many wonderful people. And we're going back again this week so she can
work with the other missionary. So I'm hoping I can see some of the
same people again and see how they are progressing!
Otherwise the week was pretty crazy! We basically only got to work as
a companionship in our area for 2 days this last week because of the
trade off and then Sister Surtees was at leadership training for two
days. But we had some amazing miracles in the couple days we did get
to work together. And she got some amazing training on how to better
work with members in getting them involved in missionary work so we
are really excited to get this going and see how this changes things!
It's been freezing cold the last few days!!! And by that I mean in the
50s...Florida is quickly turning me into a wussy. I'm a little nervous
about that!
Oh and tell Brother Gambrel I'm still not a Zone Leader... they said
something about priesthood authority or something...don't ask me! ;D

That is the back of our car loaded up with all the stuff we needed to
sleep over in Georgia! They have bed in a bag kits with blankets and
air mattresses for us. Thank Heaven!

That's a giant bridge we went over! Like GIANT!!!! Ships fit under it
kind of giant...if you get my drift.

Is it just me or was that exit sign a little over-kill for how little
is on it? Or is that the exit to the middle of nowhere? hehe
DSCN1123Sorry the gps one is blurry, having my flash on made it glare and I
couldn't get a clear shot. But there's the proof it tried to get us to
board a ferry!DSCN1125
And proof that we almost boarded a ferry. Crazy!

I love y'all and I'm just gonna simply say in some good Southern terms
"I'm fixin' to be the change." How about you?

love ya!
Sister McCracken

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