Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brrr…—email from 04-23-12

So it started raining Saturday night and rained most of yesterday and now it's 59 this morning! Ahhh it feels like winter again! We got our sweaters and tights back out this morning. I'm hoping this cold doesn't last too long.

We had a good week. Sister Barry, the mission president's wife, came teaching with us Thursday night. It was really fun and nerve wracking all at once. We felt so nervous during one our teaching appointments when she pulled out her notebook at started taking notes. But it was funny because even our investigator was made nervous by it too. So everybody just got to be jittery that night.

The rest of our week was slow. It was national "don't answer your door/phone" week in Florida. Or at least I'm telling myself that. One guy we talked to on the street teased that it was because everyone was hiding from the IRS this week. But whatever.

Saturday I surprised Sister Surtees with a little going away shindig. I talked to some ward members and said I wanted her to know how valued she was here so we invited a whole bunch of people to come to the church Saturday evening to say goodbye. Sister Surtees thought we were going to the church to give a church tour to one of our investigators. Little did she know he was in on it too. :D But somehow she started putting pieces together throughout the week since I was passing secret notes to ward members and having whispered conversations with them every once in a while. But it was still a surprise and she still had no idea what was happening. So it was all good!

Sunday I had a stomach virus which made Church interesting. But we had to go because Sister Surtees was talking in Sacrament Meeting. It was fun sitting in the back row hoping I wasn't going to have to run out at any moment and totally freak her out. Luckily I was ok until Church ended and then I was able to go home and have my sickness get the best of me. It was still a good Sunday though. Sister Surtees gave a wonderful talk and Elder Webb and Jazzlyn (a ward member) did a wonderful musical number (which I'll attach the recording of) It was an arrangement just for Sister Surtees after an experience she had when she was sick and going to the doctors all the time.
Now we plan to go to Olive Garden today to celebrate her goodbye and each as much soup and salad as we can. :) I'm excited and scared to see what this week brings now that I'm not training after all. The list of sisters transferring is nothing any of us expected so I have no idea who is coming to join me.

On to pictures.

So 1273...well surprise! Sister Surtees dyed my hair last Monday! I'm back to being a strawberry blonde :)


1272 is us and Elder Webb and Elder Wilcox. We spend a lot of time around these Elders since we share a meetinghouse and carpool to all meetings and on PDay. They are some good Elders! And luckily they're staying this transfer to keep me sane.


1267... is when Sister Surtees pinched me. And she gave me a heart shaped bruise when she did it!


1253...is when Sister Surtees packed mismatched shoes to change into after zone pday. So she had to wear those the rest of the day we were out. It was hilarious.


love y'all and the changes you're being :)


Sister McCracken

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