Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P-day sometimes does mean Play-day—email from 4-16-12

sorry forgot to record again! I'm losing my brain!DSCN1263

We have played and played and played today. So now I am finally getting the time to email. We went and played sports with our zone today and it was so much fun. I love this life.

So my week...well...I can't quite remember. They are whizzing by. We have one family we are working with that I feel like they are family to me. She and I have a sister-like relationship. When I volunteered her to read in Relief Society yesterday she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was going to undercook my chicken. She's so hilarious. Well her husband has been on and off investigating the Church, but never working with us. Well he has sat in on the last couple of lessons we have had with their son who is turning 8 soon (the bishop asked us to help him prepare for baptism since he didn't grow up in the church) and last night the dad committed to be baptized as well!!!! I couldn't believe it. He is honestly getting into it this time. I am so excited to continue working with them.

We had our zone conference which was just amazing in so many ways. I learned so much from all the people who gave trainings. It just amazes me that 20ish year old young men can grow so much. It really impresses me. President talked a lot about our goal of baptisms for the year. And I just couldn't believe how strong I felt that it is achievable. We have had a slow start on it as a mission. But the Lord can work miracles and we know that anything is possible with His help.

Oh, and we surprised our ward mission leaders wife on Thursday by showing up in our service clothes and asking her to put us to work. She is due... well right now (Sister Surtees saw on fb that she is in the hospital having the baby) and we felt like we needed to serve them for all they do for us. She reluctantly let us in the door at which point we tore through the house and cleaned the whole thing in an hour. We were pretty proud of ourselves.

The craziest part of my week was the phone call I got Saturday night...we were sitting in our office at the end of the night after we had just finished planning our next day. The phone rand and the call was from President Barry, so I freaked out and threw the phone at Sister Surtees to answer. The first thing he did was ask to speak to me. Which only confirmed my fears....I am training. I get to say goodbye to my wonderful seasoned companion and welcome a brand new sister to the mission. I am excited, but terrified. It is such a big responsibility to help a new missionary learn the ropes of the field. I had hoped to spend the mission as a junior companion. But no luck there. I am excited to dig into the training program studies again though and learn with her.

In the Book of Mormon I was reading today in Helaman 5 where Helaman is telling his sons why he named them what he did and he explained how he gave them the namesakes that he did so that they would try to live up to the reputations of those who they were named after. It had me pondering a lot how I live up to the name I have and the people who went before. It gave me a lot to think about and what I can do better at.

Well, it's spring cleaning time? What changes are you going to make(be)?

I sure do love y'all!


Sister McCracken

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