Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Conference Weekend—email from 04-02-12

Woooh!!! Today has been a crazy day. So once again, y'all are getting a shorty because I still have to write the mission president. We've been at labs and doctors offices all morning for Sister Surtees. She's not dying, I promise, she just hasn't been at the top of her game the last few weeks and the mission doctors treatments didn't work so he referred her to a specialist. So we have been running a million miles an hour even though all she is supposed to be doing is rest. AAAHHH!!! I'm trying to hurry so I can get her home to rest though.

We have had a pretty average week as far as missionary work goes. We had a trade-off at the end of the week, so we got double the work done in our area for two days. And then of course there was conference! Wow, I learned so much from it all. I just love hearing them speak. Watching the MTC choir made us laugh. They all looked so young and rested (haha). We just laughed to ourselves and said they have no idea what the next 18 months to 2 years has in store for them. They were definitely blessed to be in the presence of the Prophet. 

I don't have any pictures to send from this last week. Sorry about that. I'll work on it! 

I hope as Easter comes that we can all remember the change that Jesus Christ was for all mankind. He set the example, saved our souls, and made it possible for us to live again. He is the ultimate change maker! Let's try to be like Him.


Sister McCracken

ps tell President Clark I say HI! next time you see him. And I will for sure talk to Brother Parkinson for you Dad!

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