Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Week in Paradise—email from 03-26-12

So I recorded a lot of my week last week with the voice recorder. It
has just been a hilarious and miraculous week. So I told you all about
it on there. Listen to then in number order and that will be a
chronological following of my week.
This week was a crazy week. We lost essentially all of the people we
were teaching the first of the week. Either they dropped us or we
dropped them. It was very disappointing. But we knew we would be
blessed and we just needed to keep working. Well we found 5 new people
to teach this week! That is an amazing number!!!! And some of them
really seem like they are just going to latch on to all of this. So we
are really excited for them.
We had to say goodbye to Elder and Sister Barrus last week. That was
really hard. For a bit we didn't think we were actually going to get
to say goodbye before they left. We called them Wednesday, but they
had already turned in their mission phone so we had no way of reaching
them. I knew they had a personal phone too, so I finally broke down
and asked a member who knew it if they would tell them we wanted to
say bye if they have a chance. She texted us back with their number.
So we called them Friday morning and the first thing Elder Barrus said
was "It's my granddaughters!!! I was wondering if you'd get our
Wyoming number and call us!" It made my day! So they came and said
goodbye to us that afternoon. It was hard! I sure do love them!
We had two trade-offs this week, so we spent a lot of time out of our
area again. But it was really fun working with the other sisters and I
learned a lot from them. I love getting the opportunity to work with
so many different sisters. Having my companion be a Sister Leader was
definitely a blessing. This week we are sticking to our area so that
will be exciting.
Oh so the voice recordings are all pretty hilarious. The last one is
more to Dad, but it's so amazing you all have to listen to it to!
Heavenly Father blesses me with so many tender mercies!


One is just us being goofy companions...and the other is when Elder
and Sister Barrus came to say goodbye to us.

They were officially no
longer missionaries so he immediately jumped back into his old
clothes. Silly old cowboy. :) I love them so much. I told them I'm
going to come live with them and learn how to ranch when I get
home...and I'm pretty serious about that!

It's springtime here! I love how everything is so fresh and new! It's
all green and sprouting here! It makes me think of how we can be the
change! ;) And Sister Surtees and I realized this week that sometimes
you need to step back and allow the change to happen in your life. So
there's my thought on that!
I love y'all!
Sister McCracken

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