Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SUCCESS! --email from 03-05-12

DSCN1157TIFANNI WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! You have no idea how much of a miracle this was. Elder and Sister Barrus, the senior couple in our ward, found their family about this time last year. And yesterday, Elder Barrus was able to baptize her. Just weeks before he and his wife go home. It was so amazing! Even the mission president came. Tiffani looked so beautiful and they're family just felt so much more complete afterwards. I love them so much! I love those kids like their my own nieces and nephews. And I love her like a sister. I am so happy to see her make this choice for her life. And her husband has gotten active in the last year and will baptize their children in April. How amazing is that?!?! This is what missionary work is about! Bringing families together. :)

I can't even remember the rest of the week...oh yea. I got to play with a monkey!!! Two of them actually. A lady had two little marmosets. One kept grabbing my nose and pulling me in close to the cage. Then the sister that I was on trade-offs with read the health guide the next day and text our phone and told me to read that page. I read it...I'm supposed to avoid monkeys... oops... and dogs! Which I already try to! But every house in Florida has at least one dog. So I'm failing at avoiding dogs thus far. haha

I got to ride a tandem bike last week! In a dress!!! hahaha it was hilarious. The sister's area that we traded off in last week has a tandem bike. And Sister Capua and I were on bike while I was there. It was so obvious that when we got back to the parking lot at the apartment and were putting it on the bike rack of the car a man walked up and asked if we were Mormon missionaries. We laughed and said yes. He said "I knew it! I told my friend when I saw you in dresses on that bike that you were missionaries!" It turns out he's a member in the Singles Ward in the stake and his friend is a nonmember he wants the sisters to teach! Miracle!!! That's what you get when you ride a tandem bike in a dress!

Sister Surtees and I had another miracle last week. We set baptism dates with a single mom and her two boys!!! And they came to church yesterday and loved it! After church last night they told us "I'm a Mormon" It was so cute. I love them!

Basically a lot happened in a really short amount of time. Which I love! Sorry, my time is short so I've got to go!

The pictures are from the baptism


And the other is a roach that I killed. It kind of exploded... We have a bit of a bug problem in our apartment. And we've gone on some killing raids recently.


Remember I came out here because I wanted to BE THE CHANGE! Now you do it too! A revolution starts with one person, right? So be a revolution in your part of the world!

love y'all!

Sister McCracken

ps. sorry I was late emailing. We went to zone p-day so sister surtees could play sports with the elders.

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