Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So, to start off the I have to tell you the best best bestest news!!!!


We had a baptism!!!! YAY!!!! Devin is a little boy that we have been teaching for only three weeks! His mom called us right after I arrived and said "I want to come back to church and I want my son to be baptized!" So we went right over and started teaching them! He is so amazing. He talks like he was raised in the church, yet these past weeks are his first ever interaction with our church. He reads the Book of Mormon for his 30 minutes a day that he has to do for school, and understands it! He is so amazing. I can't believe it! He is so strong. He told Brother Ortega(the other guy in white) that he thinks he needs to become a missionary. He's only ten, just baptized, and thinking mission. I am so proud of him. He has been such a joy to teach! 


Last night was also a party. We have this group of boys in the ghetto that we teach and they were giving a hard time about coming on Sunday and saying that is was too much Jesus for one day. So I finally said "Well if I cook dinner, can we come?" They couldn't believe the offer. I said I'd cook if they'd let us come. So we made the deal that I would make Mexican and they would let us come have a lesson. And it worked! And it helped them build a little more trust in me so that makes me really happy. They are all such sweet boys even though they have to act all tough. They crack me up. They are even training me in the dialect of the ghetto. So I may come back speaking a different language after all. 


We were really busy running all over the place again. We went to Orange Park and Lake City for trade offs this week. That was fun as usual. I even got to drive while we were in Lake City, so that brightened my weekend. We are just busier than I know what to do with. We even have trouble having enough time to contact the referrals we are receiving from people. I never thought I would see that day. The Lord truly is hastening His work. He is keeping us busy bringing all His children to the gospel or back to it. I love my mission!!!!

I am still working on compassion, I think God gave me every test on compassion possible this week. I failed some, I passed some. But hey, that's still change. 

Change is tough, but good, all at once. So BE IT!!!


Sister McCracken

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