Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh the weather outside is delightful

We have had a cold week this week. The temperatures dropped and a wind storm hit. So it was pretty cold knocking doors Thursday night and it was so silly because people kept saying "well I better let you girls go so you can go get warm." I just wanted to say "noooo!!!! let us come in! letting us go means more walking around in the cold!!!!" haha But I held my tongue. I broke out my sweater tights yesterday and was grateful for them when we had a lesson outside last evening. They did double duty keeping my legs warm and also keep the mosquitos away. Lucky me.

Speaking of mosquitos, I had a funny moment with that last night. We were sitting in that lesson talking and a mosquito was flying past in front of me. So as I am teaching along, I reach out, grab the mosquito, and squish it. After I finish my sentence the guy says "Did you seriously just go Mr Miyagi and catch that mosquito?!" I just laughed and said "Well yes, I have had quite a bit of practice doing it here." His mind was blown, and I was pretty proud of myself. 

It's been a great week though. We have found a bunch more people to teach! Elizabeth referred us to her sister. Her sister's husband is Catholic but he is interested in learning and possibly being baptized! We have taken to calling them "the clan" when we talk about them since there is like 4 different last names attached to the group of them. :)


Sister Gilbert is so great for me. I definitely not perfectly happy all the time, but when I start to have difficult moments and my thoughts and feelings are heading in bad directions she listens and helps me turn back around. I am so lucky. Speaking of her. It was her birthday this week!!!! She's 25 now. I got a little crazy and bought a pinata to celebrate. So we brought it to the church on Friday during our lunch break and had the Elders in our district join us to break the pinata. It was so much fun. She says that she had a great birthday, which makes me happy. Mission birthdays should still be lots of fun. I'll send some pictures.


We had President's interviews last week, so I got to have another interview with President Barry. I just love those. I learn so much from him every time we get to sit down and talk. One funny aspect of our dynamic though is that he is always asking me questions about his phone. He has an iPhone. So I was showing him the "do not disturb" option so that his phone wouldn't go off during interviews but that he would know that calls and such had come through. Later that day we were back at the church again and he comes up to me and says "sister mccracken I need to ask you something..." I got all nervous and then he said "why are my emails not coming through on my phone?" I just giggled and helped him work on his phone. I love President Barry. 

well, this has gotten really long. 

I am still working to be the change by being compassionate to others. The teenage boys we teach are loving to test my patience and compassion. But it's good, because as I change I pray that they will work to be compassionate with others too.



Sister McCracken

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