Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There Is Sunshine in my Soul!!!!

Oh the joy! It is warm and sunny here in Florida! This is just the medicine I needed! I had my window down on the drive to come and do emails. Sorry it's so nasty cold there! Time to find a good book!


This week has been insane! We had to drive out to Lake City twice this week since SIster Gilbert is a sister leader. So we went Monday and Tuesday and then Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of fun. There are three sisters out there so I got to be in a trio both times. Wow is that a weird/fun experience. People get a little weirded out when three women in dresses are walking up to them though. hehe 


Being gone so much made it critical to get a lot done while we were here, and boy did we! I have not had such a packed week in my mission since Sister Surtees was my companion. But we had soooooo many miracles happen. My favorite by far is a new family that we are working with. We got a call last Thursday afternoon after Zone Meeting from some elders saying a less active sister in our boundaries had called and said she wanted to come back to church. So we called her and set up an appointment for that evening. It turns out she hasn't really been to church since she was baptized but she has realized she needs it in her life, and she just so happens to have a son that she wants baptized! So we began teaching him. They came to church yesterday and had an amazing experience! And last night we went over for a lesson. Her fiance and his kids were there as well. We taught the plan of salvation and everyone was so intent and hanging on our words. The spirit was so strong in the house while we were there. She called us this morning and said that she had prayed and that God had told her it was all true, so she asked forgiveness for all the wrong things she had done and threw out her cigarettes and vowed to stop swearing. (we hadn't even taught her about that yet!!!! :D) She also said she wanted to move her sons baptism up to as soon as possible and that her fiance's daughter wanted to be baptized too! OH MY GOODNESS! This family is just so ready for the gospel to change and bless their lives. They are so amazing! 


Let me tell you about Sister Gilbert. We knew each other from the LDSBC, so it's funny to be companions now. She has brown hair. She has a really powerful testimony and can blow anyone away when she shares it. She is an amazing teacher even though she thinks she isn't very good. She can talk to everyone and they all want to hear our message when she shares with them. She loves to eat lots of good food, so we are having fun shopping and cooking together. She likes to write letters too, so I actually get letter writing time on PDay! :D She says about herself "Oh geesh...I dunno, I'm not good at this!...ummm...uh...well I am almost getting old (25) but that's ok. Cause my dad says its just a drop in the bucket. And I love to be outside  And I love the Book of Mormon because it makes me happy. And I love my family, they're great. I love being a missionary and spreading the gospel, especially with sister McCracken because she makes life easy, and she's helping me learn how to be a good teacher, because she's the best. and that's all" She's a funny one! 

But yeah, that's us! We have just been sprinting like crazy.We have been finding so many new people to teach and work with, it is amazing. 

I put by mission statement on the back of my name tag per President Barry's challenge to all of us, so I wanted to share it with you. 

"Be the change...

Be at peace, true, patient, brave, happy, and compassionate.

Psalm 46:10"

I hope all of y'all have made a goal of change or are making one! Write me and tell me!


Sister McCracken

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