Monday, November 14, 2011

Heat Wave- Email from 11-14-11

posted for Christine by Jana

Dear Frozen Friends and Family,

Do I dare tell you it's supposed to get in the 80s this week? Oops, I guess I just did. Hope the cold isn't treating you too badly ;D.

Well it's surprisingly back around to P-Day again! Boy is the time moving faster and faster. I've officially been gone from home 2 months and in the mission 6 1/2 weeks. Wow. Time really does fly out here. Sadly our week wasn't as productive as others. Sister Patterson got the flu and we spent Thursday and Friday holed up in the apartment while she spent a lot of time worshipping the porcelain gods. Poor thing. I read almost the entire Conference Ensign though. Yay me. It was a very productive two days as far as studies and paperwork went. Oh and I got to trap and relocate a cockroach Friday morning that I found in our joyful...Hopefully that's that end of those experiences!

The rest of the week was spent doing a lot of hunting of less-active people. It turns out almost all of them have moved away at some point. But hey, at least we know that we're not falling down on our job here in regards to them. Transfers were also last week and we lost have of the Elders in our district. So that was sad to see them go. The new ones seem pretty exciting and devoted though. So that's good. One of them is from Rigby! Talk about crazy. The longer I'm here the more I'm finding people from back home. Like yesterday we were having dinner with a member family (Brother and Sister Weenig) and guess where the first area in his mission was? Ucon, Idaho. I told him I was sorry haha...And then he spent a good portion of his mission in Oakley. So who knows, maybe Danae's in-laws know him.

I wish I had some wonderful teaching experience I could share with you all this week, but not much happened in that regard. But that's okay, it runs in cycles. I love it here in Gainesville. It's such a diverse group of people from all different backgrounds. And Sunday School is always fun because they love to always ask me questions on everything they don't know since I'm an "Out west Mormon". That apparently automatically qualifies me to have vast knowledge regarding all things church related. Miraculously I've have answers to every question so far. Don't ask me how that worked out! How many "out west Mormons" know about indexing, martin's cove and the second rescue, familysearch, and the list goes on...

Well, sorry Rexburg is already so cold. There is a girl in the ward here who is starting school there in January. I've been trying to prepare her. But I think I'm more scaring her than anything. She is not at all prepared for the winter there. People here keep talking about how it's winter and cold here. It dropped into the 60s and high 50s a week ago so now it's winter apparently. Everyone is bundled for winter and I'm wearing summer clothes as usual. Everyone just stares, but hey, it's a conversation starter!

Tell everyone at the ICDF to take a day off and stop talking semantics. That's a Clint thing to do, and now that he's gone we should be past that! haha Hope the early morning drive out to the desert was as joyful as ever Dad! I woke up around 4:30 this morning, looked at my watch, laughed and went back to sleep. Oh how I do not miss those early mornings.

I love you all!!!! Remember, when the going gets tough...that's when the tough get going! So get out there and be the change!


Sister McCracken

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