Monday, November 21, 2011

Because I Have Been Given Much. . . email from 11-21-11


(posted for Christine by Jana)
(How about that first one for my plaque mom and dad?!?! haha jk! Just wanted to prove that I still am doing my makeup and hair (just for you alan! ;D))
Good Morning Gator Fans!
The team actually won this weekend. So the city is pretty proud of themselves right now. I love game days though. It's always the easiest day for door approaches when knocking because we can always start the conversation somehow about the Gators. Work with what you've got, right?
Well this week has been a miracle week. We have 4 new people in our teaching pool! Now we've just got to get them to stick! One of them seems pretty promising though since her questions were more like "What role will I play as a member of your church? How am I going to fit in?" Woohoo! She's basically coming into this with the assumption she will most likely join! I love it!
We also got the wonderful opportunity to go the Lindsay's master's recital. She is getting her master's in music performance and is a mezzo-soprano and had to do a solo recital for graduation requirements. Wow was it beautiful! We got that little treat because one of our investigators was there and it gave us a chance to talk to her since we haven't seen her in a week-ish.
I apparently haven't changed as much as I could/should have. We were teaching someone last week and they were struggling with why we didn't use wine in the sacrament since that what Christ used. We reminded her about the Word of Wisdom, at which point she started saying "Well grape juice would look more like blood than water does. Water doesn't represent blood at all." My patience had been tried at this point because she was just running silly logic circles and not seeing the bigger picture so I responded, "How does potato bread represent the body?!" She paused and then answered "Well, you've got me there." and let the topic drop. It probably wasn't the best way to resolve her questions, buuuut it worked...haha
Thanksgiving this week should be fun. An older couple in the ward has invited us to spend it with them. So we won't be having hot pockets for Thanksgiving! We're hoping to do some visits around the ward as well to see some of the people who won't be having family here and may not have the most fabulous Thanksgiving. I'm just excited for the holiday!
As a forewarning I possibly may be moving out of Gainesville the week of Christmas. Sister Patterson and I are pretty sure one of us will be leaving. So any and all letters, cards, and such should be sent so that they can get here by like the 17th. Especially if any of you choose to send sweets or treats (wink wink) I would like them to be with me wherever I end up that week. :D
And since it's Thanksgiving this week I challenge you take time and write a list of the things that you are thankful for in your life right now. It's amazing how much we have in our lives. I see every day here in the ghettos and the projects how hard life truly is for a lot of people and how little they have in most aspects of life. Not everyone is nearly as fortunate as I know I am and you all are. So take a moment and think of all the things, opportunities, privileges, people, and blessings you have in your life at this time.
Love you all!
Remember, we all have a choice in life of who and what to be, so I suggest you...BE the change!
Sister McCracken

Who needs a mickey head on your antenna when you can have a real...I dunno what it is...moth/butterfly/really cool bug???DSCN0760

These lizards are literally EVERYWHERE!!! There was one on my car door handle the first week here. They are really small though. The longest ones only stretch from the base of my palm to the tip of my longest finger probably.


We have exchanges every week this transfer and that's Sister Mendivelso! Oh do I love my crazy Colombian! Ayayayay!


Krispy Kreme!!! DELICIOUS!!!!

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