Monday, November 28, 2011

Officially a Missionary- Email & Address Change 11-28-11


Dear Family,

Well, first things first, my address has changed! I am being transferred today to a new area. I'm  leaving Gainesville this afternoon. :( I am going to be in a ward in Orange Park (like I know where that is...haha). My address is now:

351 Crossing Blvd Apt #1023

Orange Park, FL


Please make sure people are aware of this change. And if you could send it to the same email list of people as the last time, that would be great.

Anyway, on to the update of my week. I can now say that I am officially a real missionary. I was attacked by a dog...REALLY! I was tracting with Sister Surtees. We came to a yard with a white picket/gated fence. Those yards ALWAYS have dogs. So I pleaded that we not knock it. She shook the gate and saw no dog and said we were fine. As we got up to the door a huge dog came walking around the house. It didn't do anything more than just walk around us and let Sister Surtees pet it. We knocked the door, talked to the maid, and then as we turned to leave the dog suddenly jumped and bear hugged me!!! AAAH!!!! with the help of Sister Surtees I got it off only to realize my skirt was torn apart. It was my gauzy black cotton one (my favorite of course) and the dogs nails had totally torn it apart. (pictures attached) I proudly wore my war-wounds the rest of the day since it marked that I am officially a missionary. haha 

Right after my battle with the dog, the highlight of my mission thus far happened. I extended a baptism invitation!!!! It was my first one! And she accepted!!!! No date is set yet as she feels she's not ready for that. But she said she'll be baptized! Oh how I love this woman! And she was a referral that we only started teaching the week before. Member referrals are the BEST! I'm hoping that I'll get word from Sister Patterson later this year that she has set her date. Everybody pray!

Thanksgiving day was pretty fabulous. Two thanksgiving dinners!!! We had one at noon at one member home, and then another at 4 at another member home! I literally did not eat the next day because I was so stuffed! Poor Sister Patterson picked up another stomach virus and was throwing up for two days straight. So I've got a little cabin fever since I've been locked up in our apartment since Friday morning. I got some amazing studying done in that time though! I read a lot of the General Conference talks again and just loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk You Matter To Him. Every time I read it, I love it/him more. Getting cooped up in an apartment with a companion who is sleeping all day can get lonely and that talk just really brought solace to my soul. (Jana can you post the video of it on the blog with this letter? I hope so) Will you all read or listen to it this week? (I'm going to assume I just heard a resounding yes from all of you) That talk is meant for everyone of every circumstance and is amazingly powerful.

Also, guess what? I have a profile! Go check it out! I've done some updating on some of the answers though. So it will probably be different a few weeks from now. But anyway, check it out! And tell EVERYONE you know If you don't feel comfortable telling people about the church, send them to It answers every question they could ever have! And they can chat online with missionaries live if they have more questions.

Thank you for the christmas tree! I love it! It went up Saturday night. Just to come back down today...but I'll get it back up soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a good one, but I definitely missed doing it with family. You all are a hard act to follow!

Well, gotta go back to packing and cleaning so I can load up and head out. Love you all!

Every day I see how this world needs more good in it, so I ask you all right here and right now to BE THE CHANGE!!!


Sister McCracken


You Matter To Him



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